At Together People we are all about helping people work together better. Whether that is through leadership development and change management or building trust and good governance or simply understanding your team better we equip people to work together.

Our vision is to work together to deliver interventions in organisations or with individuals that leave people with increased:
  • Capacity
  • Competence
  • Confidence

The issue is never the issue

This is our motto. Because, so often, the presenting symptoms of a problem within an organisation or a team or even for an individual are very different from the underlying root cause. Real improvement and development is made possible by addressing that real cause rather than just tackling the symptoms.

If you think you have issues that need deeper analysis maybe Together People can help. In addition to the offerings below we can also provide mediation and independent reviews & investigations. For more details please get in touch.

New On-line Tools

We recently launched our on-line Chair's 360° Feedback questionnaire for Chairs of Governors. This is in addition to our Governors' Self-Review and Governors' Skills Audit. For more details see our Products page.

What we offer


The governance role played by governors or trustees for schools, charities and trusts is crucial for the ongoing health of the organisation.

Together People has worked with a number of organisations to improve their governance by:
  • conducting an external review of governance practice
  • providing governor/member/trustee training and coaching
  • facilitating strategy development workshops
These help governors and trustees:
  • ensure the clarity of the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the organisation
  • collect the right data about their organisation and understand and analyse this data correctly to inform sound decision-making
  • ensure they fulfil their statutory obligations
  • both support the operational leader or leadership team and also hold them to account
  • implement good working practices and governance structures
We have particular experience with governance in schools and have developed a self-review tool specifically for use by school governing boards/bodies. For more information click here.


"Our Governing Body is now more effective as a result."

– Chair of Governors


Together People can provide a standard leadership and management training programme or bespoke training solutions to meet your organisation’s particular needs.

We have worked with a number of organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors to deliver Leadership development / training programmes. Particular specialisms are designing and delivering leadership development programmes for Senior and Middle Leaders and working with Small and Medium Enterprises that often do not have the resources to run their own internal leadership programmes.

The kind of areas that this can cover include subjects like:
  • leading people through change
  • understanding your own leadership style
  • developing strategy
  • working in teams
  • coaching and mentoring
  • building and repairing trust
  • time management
  • quality management and continual improvement
  • presentation skills and public speaking


With our business analysis and process improvement experience we can help your organisation become more efficient and focused on customer-purpose.

Working with Together People will give you skills and different ways of looking at the issues, constraints and challenges of your business to be able to move forward in a different way.

Areas we can help with include:
  • Understanding your customer purpose and aligning activities to this.
  • Understanding how your processes work now and identifying opportunities to improve.
  • Using data and feedback to continually improve performance.
  • Creating a culture of learning so that those improvements are sustained and built on.


We can also support HR investigations and grievance processes by providing an independent, external investigator where this is required.
For further information on how Together people can help in any of these areas please get in touch.